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Dr. Ketan Jivanjee (BSc, BVSc, MRCVS)

Ketan graduated Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Pretoria, Onderstepoort, South Africa. Prior to that, he completed Bachelor of Science with majors in Biochemistry and Microbiology from La Trobe University, Bundoora.

Ketan is a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, United Kingdom. In 2003, a passion for surgery led him to complete a one year post graduate course in Small Animal Surgery conducted by the University of Sydney.

Ketan has focused on small animal practice since graduation. He spent three years in a busy small animal hospital in Albury/Wodonga honing his medical and surgical skills. His time in Albury/Wodonga was undoubtedly the most fruitful and rewarding of his professional career. A further three years were spent treating companions in an outer eastern suburb of Melbourne prior to taking the reins at Carnegie Veterinary Clinic. He enjoys the rigours, challenges and diversity that general practice has to offer.

He is passionate about continuing veterinary education and ongoing learning. All members of the Carnegie Veterinary Clinic Team partake in continuing professional development to further enhance their skills and ultimately provide better service to clients and better outcomes to patients.

Out of the clinic, Ketan takes an avid interest in motor sports.





Workshops/Wetlabs* Ophthalmology: Theory & Practice by Dr. Mark Billson & Professor David Maggs, Centre for Veterinary Education, University of Sydney

Conferences/Seminars* Cardiology Seminar: Staging canine myomatous mitral valve disease: A new algorithm for an old disease (Dr. Richard Woolley) AND A case based approach to the diagnosis and treatment of common canine arrhythmias (Dr. Geoff Nicholson).


Conferences/Seminars* Guinea Pig Medicine  by eVetlearning


Workshops/Wetlabs* Surgical Wound Management Workshop by VetPrac, Charles Sturt University, Tutors Dr. Stephen Fearnside, Dr. Penny Tisdall and Dr. Brenton Chambers.


Conferences/Seminars* Evolution of Companion Animal Vaccines with Professor Michael Day, SouthPaws Specialty Surgery for Animals, Moorabbin

Workshops/Wetlabs* Veterinary Orthotics and Prosthetics in the Small Animal Patient with Martin Kaufman and Patrice Mich, SouthPaws Specialty Surgery for Animals, Moorabbin


Workshops/Wetlabs* Tibial Tuberosity Advancement and Modern Cruciate Surgical Techniques Workshops by VetPrac, Charles Sturt University, Tutor Dr. Jeff Mayo

Workshops/Wetlabs* Bone Plating in the Dog, Surgery Wet Workshops, Ballarat, Dr. Wing Tip Wong


Conferences/Seminars* What’s new in cruciates – both surgical and non-surgical, Southern Animal Referral Centre, Dr. Melati Laksito and Michelle Monk

Conferences/Seminars* Multimodal Pain Relief, Pet Emergency & Specialist Centre, Drs.Trudi McAlees and Chris Preston

Workshops/Wetlabs* Hip and Stifle in the Dog Surgery Wet Workshops with Dr. Wing Tip Wong, Ballarat


Conferences/Seminars* Surgery Seminar – exploratory laparotomies, surgical management of ear disease and tumours of the CNS with Dr. Arthur House, Dr. Simon Kudnig and Dr. Pete Laverty


Conferences/Seminars* Pharmacology – Logical Evidence Based Medicine, University of Sydney, NSW

Conferences/Seminars* Cruciate Disease in Dogs – Improving Your Skills in Diagnosis and Treatment, Drs. Chris Preston and David Lidbetter

Conferences/Seminars* ‘Improving Your Skills in Surgery’, Dr. Chris Preston

Conferences/Seminars* Australian Veterinary Business Association Seminar – Aussie Rules for Veterinary Businesses and the People who work in them, Dr. Lindsay Hay


Conferences/Seminars*Feline Medicine Symposium, Melbourne

Conferences/Seminars* PennHIP Training Seminar, Sydney

Conferences/Seminars* ‘Improving Your Skills in Surgery’, Dr. Chris Preston

Conferences/Seminars* The JD Stewart Refresher Course “Save it with a Scalpel” Advances in Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery, Australian Technology Park, Technical consultants – Prof. Chris Bellenger & Assoc. Prof. Geraldine Hunt

Dr. Kelly Wilkinson (BVSc Hons.)

Kelly graduated Bachelor of Veterinary Science with honours from The University of Melbourne. Kelly is passionate about feline medicine. In 2002, Kelly completed a one year post graduate course in Feline Medicine conducted by the University of Sydney. Over the years, Kelly has maintained a strong focus on continuing veterinary education. She is also a member of the European Society of Feline Medicine.

Prior to joining the team at Carnegie Veterinary Clinic, Kelly had worked in South Australia and the United Kingdom. Closer to home, she practised in the north-eastern and eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

Kelly has travelled extensively throughout Africa, Europe and North America. Travelling aside, her interests away from the Clinic are her two beautiful daughters – Natalie and Stephanie.





Conferences/Seminars* Cardiorespiratory Conference, Centre for Veterinary Education, Melbourne, June 2013


Conferences/Seminars* AVA Conference, Small Animals and Behaviour Streams, Adelaide

Online Learning*Time Online Course on Rabbits & Rodents, Dr. David Vella


Conferences/Seminars* The Right Side of the Heart and a Sliver of Liver, Southern Animal Referral Centre, Dr Matt Reeves and Dr Richard Woolley

Conferences/Seminars* Managing the Cancer Patient: 2010 updates, CVE time out course, Melbourne, Dr Peter Bennett

Online Learning* Quintessential Behaviour, Vetscholar course, Dr Kersti Seksel


Conferences/Seminars* Maxillofacial surgery and surgery of the head and neck. Dr Stephen Emms

Online Learning*Quintessential Behaviour, Vetscholar course, Dr Kersti Seksel

Conferences/Seminars* Behaviour@Breakfast, Dispelling the Dominance Myth. Combined MMPG/AVBIG seminar, Dr Pauleen Bennett, Dr Robert Holmes, Dr Debbie Calnon, Dr Gaille Perry


Online Learning* Arthritis Time, online, CVE, Dr Adam Toyer


Conferences/Seminars* World Small Animal Veterinary Association Congress

Conferences/Seminars* Implementation of Microchip Legislation, Victorian Division, AVA

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Carnegie Veterinary Clinic,
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Carnegie Veterinary Clinic,
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