Doggy Daycare

Does your companion fret when you are at work? Do you worry about leaving him/her alone?

If so or you would like your companion to have company throughout the day - then Doggy Daycare is for you.

When your companion comes to daycare they experience a day of fun with like minded daycare patrons, and lots of cuddles from our nurses. There is a spacious back yard, sheltered area with heating and toys to play with.

All we require is proof of desexing, up to date C5 vaccinations, heart and gastro-intestinal worming and flea prevention. It is essential that your companion gets on well with other day care patrons.

What is Doggy Daycare?

A day of fun and mingling with like minded day care patrons. Depending on the day’s schedule, companions are either taken for a group walk and/or partake in playtime with our veterinary nursing team.

  • Drop Off 08:00 (earliest)
  • Pick Up 18:30 (latest)

Requirements for acceptance into Doggy Daycare

Your companion:

  • Needs to have a current C5 vaccination
  • Needs to be on a proven flea prevention regime, heartworm preventative and gastro-intestinal deworming program
  • He/she must be neutered

Valid proof of the above requisites needs to be presented prior to admission. If fleas or flea dirt are noticed on your companion, treatment will be carried out by our staff at your expense.

Admission Forms:

Admission forms can be found in the FORMS section of the left hand navigation bar.

More information:

This service is available:

  • Monday - Friday (excluding Public Holidays) 8:00am - 6:30pm.

Doggy Daycare Form:

This three-page form has a list of the pre-entry requirements for which you will need to provide documentary evidence, a Client Agreement form for you to sign, and a final section for you to provide your contact details and details about your dog.

      Download Doggy Daycare Form

If you would like to find out more information or would like a tour of the Doggy Daycare facility please feel free to contact our Nursing Team on 9563 5422.