Rules, Regulations, Contact & Hours

Please feel free to explore your clinic and cattery’s website, where you will find further information on the services offered to you and your companion.

Here at Carnegie Veterinary Clinic we believe in providing you and your companion with uncompromising service and care. We do not believe in cutting costs as this is to the patient’s detriment. We have a range of services available on site as well access to specialists in every field of veterinary medicine and surgery if required.

Carnegie Veterinary Clinic - Hours

Monday - Friday   08:00-19:00
Saturday   09:00-13:30
Sunday   Closed
Public Holidays   Closed

Consultation is by appointment only. A thorough physical examination, information provision and discussion are part of our consultation process. You would expect nothing less for your companion. We do our best to run on time. However, occasionally there are complex cases and emergencies, so we can run behind. We apologise for any unexpected delays and thank you for your patience. We hope that your companion never experiences an emergency.

Carnegie Cat Cottage – Hours of Admission and Discharge

Monday - Friday   10.00 - 13.00
Saturday   09.00 - 13.00
Sunday   Please note: No Admission or Discharge
Public Holidays   Please note: No Admission or Discharge

Your companions at: Carnegie Veterinary Clinic & Carnegie Cat Cottage

Please note:

  • for your own safety,
  • for the safety of your companion,
  • for the safety of other clients,
  • for the safety of other companions &
  • for the safety of our staff:

That all feline companions are in a basket or carry cage and all canine companions are on a lead, harness or halti. It is not acceptable for companions to roam free in the Clinic, for the above reasons.

Medications & Prescriptions

For those companions who are on long term medicines:

  • Medications can be ready for collection at reception if you phone ahead. As the Veterinary surgeon must authorise and dispense prescription medicines, there may be a delay, if you pop in without prior notice to collect them
  • Some medicines must be specially ordered, so please request such prescriptions prior to running out

By law, Prescription Animal Remedy (S4) or other restricted drugs can only be supplied to clients under the following conditions:

  • Only by a registered veterinary surgeon
  • Only for animals under our care

By law, the supply of these drugs is not permitted unless the animals are on our records, or have been examined by one of our veterinary surgeons. By law, new clients or clients travelling with animals requiring such medication, will need an authority from their veterinary surgeon before those drugs can be dispensed.

Payment Options

Please note that we require complete payment at the time of each consultation visit and prior to discharge from the clinic for companions that underwent in-hospital procedures.

An estimate of fees can be provided for all diagnostics and treatment.

The Clinic does not offer an account facility.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • AMEX
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Who to contact during an after hours emergency?

Southern Animal Emergency Centre
248 Wickham Road
HIGHETT Victoria 3190
Melways  Reference: 77H8
P: 9532 5261 ,
Animal Emergency Centre
37 Blackburn Road
Victoria 3149
Melways  Reference: 61 K9
P: 9803 8122
Pet Emergency and Specialist Centre
1103 Dandenong Road
Victoria 3145
Melways  Reference: 68 J3
P: 9569 3677